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DDP Group Inc. associates consist of Property and Casualty professionals with over 60 years combined experience in handling, managing, coordinating, and set up of claim operations and claim programs.

Much of this experience has been in the alternative market; self-insureds, high deductibles, captives and pools.  The coordination of knowledge between all departments becomes crucial when a program is in any manner loss sensitive.  That's why we wish to stress our experience in working with pools, boards of directors, MGAs, excess carriers, underwriting departments, pool marketing, and integrated computer systems.

For the past several years DDP Group, Inc. has been involved in TPA selection, TPA oversight and ongoing TPA audit of 46,000 Workers compensation claims known as the Old Fund (formerly Monopolistic) for the Insurance Commissioner of West Virginia.  The number now stands at 25,000. 

This project has recently been compared, (via a national insurance blog on the web site of Lynch Ryan) to a Herculean task from Greek mythology.  It is a project we are very proud to have managed and continue to manage. “One of the key elements in the transition involves moving about 46,000 existing claims from state claims adjusters to third party administrators (TPAs). That's a task that makes Hercules's cleaning of the Augean stables look easy!”
--- Posted by Jon Coppelman